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Highlighted projects
Lifeline | Varberg, Sweden
europan 16 special mention

With Álvaro Clua, Aleix Salazar, Javi Morera

‘Lifeline’ aims to convert Varberg’s Trädlyckevägen road into a lively street. The proposal transforms one of such roads, fostering closer distances and a new façade on the street, more mixed uses and sustainable mobility.

To do so, an open, upscaling participative process is designed, where neighbors feel gradually more empowered on the decision-making and management.

Avinguda del Vallès: Humanizing the N-150

As part of Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

The project aims to rethink the N-150 in a 5.5km stretch between Montcada, Cerdanyola, Ripollet and Barberà, as a new civic, green, and business axis, with strong public transit connections.

A thorough participation process has been engaged, where citizens and institutions are co-creating both the analysis and the proposal of actions to be held in the area.

Prat in-between
Final masters project

The goal of Prat in-between is to rearrange the space between El Prat and the Barcelona Airport, where an intense gathering of nature, city and infrastructure takes place.

Regarding such special condition, the proposal wants to find a balance between infrastructure, nature and city: it improves the access to the port and favors the urban integration of the airport, it preserves existing natural spaces, and it builds a new edge of the city in a peaceful relationship with nature and infrastructure.