Giving a bit, receiving a lot




Cultural event organizer

Penyafort-Montserrat Student Hall, Barcelona, 2013-2015

During my stay on the student hall, I was in charge of organizing conferences and other cultural events for up to 200 people. In addition, we also planned a new study room for architecture students, which was built in late 2014.

Open House Volunteer

Barcelona (2014/15/18) and Chicago (2016/17)

Enjoying the opportunity to explain and spread architecture – that is what OpenHouse offers, and it is a pleasure to be part of it. During five editions now, I have been able to do many different tasks, from information to guide, and volunteer in such different venues as the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona or the SOM office in Chicago. 

Fundraiser organizer

Kids for Kids, Evanston (IL-US), December 2016

An opportunity made possible through two IIT professors, Monika Thadhani and Chris Groesbeck, this event wanted to collect funds for a school in Uganda by making kids draw in Chicago. 

To do so, we prepared the different activities and materials and we collaborated with the kids, guiding them throughout their creative process.

River garden volunteer

Urban Rivers, Chicago (IL-US), June 2017

The event organized by Urban Rivers wanted to recruit volunteers to launch their ‘River Gardens’ project, aiming to renaturalize the Chicago river with floating gardens.

In this event, we helped in planting different species in floating planters and then carrying those to water, so that they could be shipped to its final location.