Vitruvius’ wheel

Renaissance made of carbon fiber

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Rolling carbon fiber chair
Presented in SOFAexpo 2016, Chicago

IIT, 11/2016
Digital fabrication
Prof. Alphonso Peluso

design with Bea Alonso and Paula López
construction with 18 IIT students


The aim of this project is to create a contemporary seating element inspired in Renaissance and using carbon fiber. Our main inspiring work was Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvius Man, as a representation of the insight in proportion at that time, but combining it with more contemporary theories on proportion, such as the Modulor or theories on ergonomics.

Taking its main shapes, the square and circle, and its dimensions, we create a rolling chair that would adapt to different uses. Throughout the use of carbon fiber, the rolling piece is strong and light, so that it is safe and easily movable.