Ronda sostenible

A pathway to join cities without the car

Regional pathway proposal
Garraf, Catalonia

ETSAB, 06/2018
Urban planning VI
Prof. Aurora López

with Anna Bosch


The conurbation formed by Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes and Vilanova i la Geltrú suffers from several issues, such as being overly dependent on the exterior, not integrating wth the surrounding nature and not having alternatives to the car. In order to confront such issues, the ‘Ronda sostenible’ is a project that creates a circular pathway between the three towns, bringing the citizens closer and appraising the landscape.

Therefore, this project promotes soft mobility in the area, given that the distances between towns (7 kilometers maximum) are suitable to bike or walk. To do so, the path wants to be easy to use, practical and direct, moving the citizens between point A and B in the fastest and safest manner.