Refurbishing decay

Learning to detect patologies – and solve them

Refurbishing of a two-storey house
Cervelló, Barcelona

ETSAB, 05/2018
Construction IV
Prof. Ramón Gumà

with Joaquim Escuer and Raul Gil


Buildings are living bodies. As they grow old, they start having patologies, and changes in use can also vary the needs required for confort. Therefore, to guarantee long-lasting buildings, intervention is necessary.

The goal of this work is to refurbish a late-19th century two-storey building: Cal Badia, in Cervelló, a small town near Barcelona. To do so, the first step is the detection of patologies in the building, followed by research on the underlying causes, and resulting in a proposal of solutions. 

Such patologies cover a wide range of issues, from humidity to deflection and other mechanical problems.