Keeping track of the livelihood of ground floor retail

Ground floor activity registering app

ETH-edX, 08/2019
Responsive cities


Many Western cities are facing a ‘Storefront crisis’, where ground-floor traditional retail is struggling in front of eCommerce. Consequently, shops are closing at a rapid pace, leaving many empty storefronts and a lack of activity, vibrancy and safety in our streets.

The proposed app is a tool to, on one hand, keep track of the opened and closed retail stores, gaining updated data through citizen science. On the other hand, users can suggest which kind of retail or service they would like to see in any empty store, enabling citizen design.

As a result, the use of this app should not only harvest updated data and possible solutions but also raise the awareness of citizens on the relevance of shopping in neighborhood stores, as a way to keep our streets and communities alive.