Lisboa Porta Sul

Reactivating an untapped gate to the city

Urban healing project

ETSAB, 06/2018
Thematic Studio Infraestructure and City
Profs. Carme Ribas and Oriol Clos

with Sergio Marqués and Cristian Castela


The gates of the city core of Lisbon are areas of opportunity, where office spaces and other tertiary activities proliferate. However, in the access from the ’25 de Abril’ Bridge there has not been such reactivation of uses as in other gates, despite the excess of empty spaces to be developed.

Instead of proposing a speculative macroproject in the area, the proposal offers a variety of small interventions which can help better integrate the existing neigborhoods and recover the area. This aligns with the self-made spirit of different projects around the site, such as LxFactory or Village Underground, which are reactivating the area without radically expelling the neighbors.

As a result of this framework proposal, each of the teammates developed one of the interventions. The project derived from that, a library and cultural center, can be seen further below.