Responding to needs with parametric design

Coastguard tower made with Grasshopper and 3d printing

IIT, 12/2016
Advanced Modeling
Prof. Alphonso Peluso



In the past few years, trends in architecture are looking towards parametric design and use of software such as Grasshopper, resulting in curvy, complex geometries. Although it is still controversial if the use of such strategies may lead to a better architecture in the future, its use for smaller scale projects can be useful and spatially enriching.

In this project for a coastguard tower, parametric design has been used in a sensitive way: responding to its need and context, so as to integrate better with the surroundings. The project has been built in small scale with 3d printing, which could also be a strategy to build it in real scale in the future.

In this case, the wavy shape of the coastguard tower and its colored printing helps it to integrate with the landscape when seen from the ground, while it is still outstanding from the water.