Bamboo housing

Building mid-rise housing with bamboo – for a better growth in developing countries

Bamboo structure analysis

IIT, 05/2017
Eco Structures
Prof. Peter Land


The aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of mid-rise bamboo structures for residential purposes. The world is rapidly growing in developing countries, and this growth is mainly happening in cities, in an unorganized way that leads to slums: extense, low-density neighborhoods that consume much more energy and are more socially conflictive than mid-rise housing areas.

The reason why cities are growing that way is no other than self-construction: newcomers from rural areas build their houses with cheap, environmentally unfriendly materials and do not grow in height, due to their lack of technical ability to do so.

The challenge is how to build mid-rise housing with low-cost, easily available materials, with no sophisticated techniques. That material is no other than bamboo, which is easily accessible in most of the developing countries, and it is exceptionally fast growing, so that it offers a limited ecological footprint.