Prat in-between

A new future for the relationship between airport and city in Barcelona

Urban masterplan
El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona

ETSAB, 09/2020
Final thesis project 
Profs. Josep Parcerisa, Álvaro Clua, Olga Felip


The goal of Prat in-between is to rearrange the space between the city of El Prat and the Barcelona Airport, where an intense gathering of nature, city and infrastructure takes place. To do so, the proposal tackles this interstitial space in a holistic manner, while paying attention to metropolitan issues and opportunities and solving local needs.

Therefore, the project acts in the southern edge of El Prat, a city that plays a key role in transport, given that it is the entrance gate for the city and its hinterland both by sea and air. Regarding such special condition, the proposal wants to find a balance between infrastructure, nature and city: it improves the access to the port and favors the urban integration of the airport, it preserves existing natural spaces, and it builds a new edge of the city in a peaceful relationship with nature and infrastructure.

Consequently, the proposal fosters sustainable growth for El Prat, it protects and enhances the natural values of the place, and it improves the efficiency of transport infrastructures that connect Barcelona to the world.